“I wanted to save Gotham. I failed.” “Why do we fall, sir?” “So that we can learn to pick ourselves up.” Hero – a term that has no set definition, a word that is so personalized that it has a different meaning even for two people from the same background, with the same experiences, who […]

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Shimmer in the Sky

While walking on the path of life, Sometimes I just stop and stare at the sky, To observe different lights that shine, Some dark, some bright. First there is the sun, Bursting with its ever-present warm rays, Illuminating every dark corner on its way, The world’s light, the world’s day, Reaching out to say, “Let […]

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I take a walk sometimes, On soothing lonely nights, Talking to the shadows that come alive, About the adventures we had, Just, you and I. I remember, The playground where our wars were waged, The basement where our cycles were raced, The cemetery where our bravery was faked, The staircase where our promise was made. […]

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Dear 2017

Dear 2017,   I remember the time I first met you, When Mom brought you as a calendar new, As the clock struck twelve and the world said hooray, You came by and just said Hey.   Day turned night and night turned day, You watched over me everyday, Many lessons you did teach, For […]

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As the festival of lights approached, The celebration of good over evil, The sky full of stars now the sky full of smog, The celebration of evil burning bright. The triumph of good over evil they said it was, The battles for justice that were fought, They thought they sent heroic men behind bars, The […]



I traveled far and wide, One galaxy at a time, Till finally I saw it in a milky sky, A blue dot full of life. As I crept ever so closer, The blue dot grew mightily larger, Full of green valleys and oceans, Of plants and animals, And creatures called humans. Humans. They welcomed me […]


Orientalism and India

“Every empire, however, tells itself and the world that it is unlike all other empires, that its mission is not to plunder and control but to educate and liberate” is a famous quote by Edward Said which perfectly summarizes the concept of orientalism. Orientalism is in simple words an excuse given by an empire to […]

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Boycott Sanity

You don’t give a second look to that beggar on the street, But are livid when someone does. You don’t give a second look to that hungry girl near the trash, But you feed her by uninstalling apps. You freak out over what an ex-employee says, Yet you don’t listen to pleas of cry around […]

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Children Of The Future

I remember the day I turned seven, And was surrounded by gifts I thought had come from heaven, Games and food with everyone I knew , Comfort and happiness I thought was for all children old and new. Yet now has realisation dawned upon me , And the truth so long shadowed come to light, […]

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Rakes And Glasses

Stumbled upon his glasses, On a warm sunny afternoon, As he was sowing the seeds, For the tree we were trying to grow. Then he took me to his heaven, As I spied big books in his study, Science and History was his passion, Parting it with others his dream. He embraced the world with […]

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