No Way Home

I knew I wasn’t going to get to watch Spiderman: No Way Home with my friends this year. I knew it when I finally got into the programme I’d been chasing for three years and left home for a new city, a new campus, a new room. I knew I’d be okay, after all this […]

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The Unkind Truth

“It takes nothing to be kind” is the biggest myth in the world. It takes everything to be kind. It takes nothing to be selfish. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Life is all about being selfish; it’s in our nature.We aren’t born into this world on our own accord; we are products of selfish […]

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Who am I?

“Who am I?” I don’t think I’ve ever known. What I do know is that I’ve asked myself that question a million times. And each time that I couldn’t find an answer to it, an unchartered feeling took over. A feeling that I can’t define, a feeling that evolved every time. It was like that […]

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When my leaves choose to shed themselves,like strands of youth bidding a middle-aged man adieu, may I be reminded that my roots are still the same,ingrained in every fibre of my waning soul. When my trunk becomes hollow,with voids of people who can’t be remembered or forgotten,voids that don’t long to be filled, may I […]

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Don’t Look Away

Is it uncomfortable to watch? Is it maddening to wake up to a new travesty everyday? Is it easier to look away from these inhumane incidents, to preserve your mental sanctity? The world is burning. This shouldn’t be news to you. The world has always been burning. Some of us can just afford to look […]

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Do you ever wonder, About the cage you were raised in,The comfort you mistook as imprisonment,The caretake you labelled as interference,The world you envisioned as kind, The dream you once believed in? Do you ever recall, The pirate and his ship,The vow of eternal friendship,The perfect future family portrait,The story of your love at first […]

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Pain is my friend

Pain is my friend,for it gifts me words and poemsand gives the lie to joy’s deceitful stories. Pain is my friend,for it reminds me I was born with feetto walk in the realms of reality. Pain is my friend,for it clips my wingsbefore I learn to flyto dreamy skies that never existed. Pain is my […]

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The day was scorchingwhen you came searching.I was hidden away, all dusty,and yet,from the darkest corneryou picked me. Why did you choose me? Hop, skip and jumpwe strolled from street to street,you weren’t a being of air-condition.You found refreshment in empty parks,amusement in abandoned playgrounds,home in forgotten surroundings,life in missed moments. Were you in my […]

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We are all kites in the sky,riding on the winds of destiny,going to places the winds want us to see,tearing us apartwhen we dream of free will. But every so often,a kite loses its strings.Paper and sticks turn to claws and a beak,flapping its wings to soar the sky of its choosing. No longer a […]

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India, Football and Chelsea

April 2nd, 2011. 10:49 PM. Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai.   India needs 4 runs off 11 balls to beat Sri Lanka and be crowned ICC World Cup Champions. Kulasekra starts to take his strides to bowl as every Indian holds his/her breath. The last 27 years start of ‘nearly there’ flash before their eyes. The ball […]

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