The Unkind Truth

“It takes nothing to be kind” is the biggest myth in the world.

It takes everything to be kind.

It takes nothing to be selfish.

And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Life is all about being selfish; it’s in our nature.
We aren’t born into this world on our own accord; we are products of selfish desires.
And if there’s anything mathematical about our being, it’s that selfishness breeds more selfishness.

It’s a cycle, one that hasn’t been broken by the billions and trillions who pedalled their desires since the beginning of time.

So you’re certainly not expected to break it. Don’t have that expectation from yourself.

Look out for yourself,
take care of yourself.

You need it,
you deserve it.

And if you choose to rely on others to do it for you,
don’t be disappointed when they choose to be naturally selfish.

Don’t be disappointed that they’re only human.

It takes nothing to be indifferent.

Not everybody can afford to care,
most probably can’t.

The affordability of caring can’t be generalised or unitised, when it so often is, regardless of the privilege you may or may not enjoy.

The more you care about this world, the greater the pain you’re likely to receive from it.

And most people certainly can’t afford endless pain.

The people you care about don’t stay forever.
The things you care about don’t last forever.
The moments you care about are already gone.

If we were to care about everyone and everything, as this false narrative of kindness eggs us to, we would lose our collective sanity.

People are indifferent and they can’t afford to be any different most times.

It takes everything to be kind.

Kindness is not a virtue,
kindness is not an inherent quality nor an acquirable skill.

Kindness is a battle,

a battle against every fibre of the selfish nature you are born with,
against the grey reality of everything you’ve seen, accepted
and are not expected to change.

Kindness is an inconvenient act,

an act that may seem even as minuscule as lending that kid your pencil in third grade, because whether you realised it or not, that act inconvenienced you in some way.

Kindness is a sacrifice,
a sacrifice of time, effort, physical energy and mental sanity.

Kindness is a conscious decision.

Kindness is an exhausting choice.

It takes everything to be kind.

Some people do everything to be kind to you, to care about you.

Cherish them.
Appreciate them.

Don’t be indebted to them,
don’t always expect it from them.

But be grateful that they chose to be kind to you,
especially when life has been unkind to all of them.

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