Don’t Look Away

Is it uncomfortable to watch? Is it maddening to wake up to a new travesty everyday? Is it easier to look away from these inhumane incidents, to preserve your mental sanctity?

The world is burning. This shouldn’t be news to you. The world has always been burning. Some of us can just afford to look away from it right now because we were born within the walls of privilege. Not that there is anything wrong with that; in an ideal world everyone would be leading the lives we lead right now. But this ideal world will never exist, so don’t pretend that everything is fine and live with bliss.

Don’t look away.

Be aware. Be empathetic. Be responsible. Educate yourself and the people around you. Even if its not your pain, not your struggle. Recognise the injustice, amplify the grievance. Even if you can’t help, move the traffic so that the ambulance can be on its way.

Don’t look away.

Your house is not on fire, but has always been covered in gasoline. Someday the cruelty will reach you, be it your parent , your sibling, your child or your friend. Or yourself. The pain, the oppression, the abuse, the rage. It will find you.

And when the flames of injustice threaten to burn down everything you hold dear, the only people who will try to help you are the people you ignore today.

So don’t look away.

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