Do you ever wonder,

About the cage you were raised in,
The comfort you mistook as imprisonment,
The caretake you labelled as interference,
The world you envisioned as kind,

The dream you once believed in?

Do you ever recall,

The pirate and his ship,
The vow of eternal friendship,
The perfect future family portrait,
The story of your love at first sight,

The sky you were to soar in?

Do you ever regret,

Having the love that didn’t last a lifetime,
The home that’s still empty,
The friends that didn’t live past photo albums,
The pirate ship that never took to sea,

The wings that couldn’t touch the clouds?

Do you ever fear,
your return to the cage?

For it could rekindle expectations
you cannot fulfill.
For it could revive dreams,
too painful to relive.

For it’s the sanctuary of hope,
For it’s the past that never looked back,
For it’s the memoir of a life you couldn’t live.

For it’s the cage you were raised in.

Far away,
from the world you couldn’t fly in.

Do you ever believe,
Or do you just imagine?

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