The day was scorching
when you came searching.
I was hidden away, all dusty,
and yet,
from the darkest corner
you picked me.

Why did you choose me?

Hop, skip and jump
we strolled from street to street,
you weren’t a being of air-condition.
You found refreshment in empty parks,
amusement in abandoned playgrounds,
home in forgotten surroundings,
life in missed moments.

Were you in my shadow or was I in yours?

Yet there were brief moments,
on a rainy day,
on a lonely night,
when I couldn’t shield you during drizzles or storms,
from waterworks that would run down from your cheekbones.
When your belief loosened,
When your grip tightened.

Were you comforting me or reassuring yourself?

But we were back at it the next day,
hop, skip and jump.
Street to street,
season by season,
helping everyone
without any reward
without any reason.

Was your kindness unconditional?

Then one day,
while hopping on our newest trail,
you stopped in your tracks,
spying a seven-colour sky.
You smiled like a clown,
And finally lowered me down.

Little did you realise,
in a monochromatic world,
you had been a rainbow all along.

~ Your Umbrella

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