Shimmer in the Sky

While walking on the path of life,

Sometimes I just stop and stare at the sky,

To observe different lights that shine,

Some dark, some bright.

First there is the sun,

Bursting with its ever-present warm rays,

Illuminating every dark corner on its way,

The world’s light,

the world’s day,

Reaching out to say,

“Let me guide you to soar the sky,

Success, pride, glory will follow,

And expectations be fulfilled,

You will be the perfect example,

The world will look up to,

You will be me.”

Then there are the stars,

Disappearing in the day,

Twinkling at night,

Taking a new form each time,

Sometimes the Scorpion’s poisonous sting,

Sometimes the Ursa’s violent scream,

Always wearing a Chameleon’s skin.

And lastly,

Surrounded by the clouds of doubt,

I spy the moon,

Present every hour,

every second of my life

With craters on its surface,

And barely any shine,

A squeaky voice,

Whispering with a smile,

“I’m here,

And so are you,

Not to understand your problems,

Nor to guide you.

I live with my darkness,

Just like you,

Sometimes broken,

Sometimes blue,

And I may not light up other lives,

But just have enough to brighten mine,

To show myself I’m happy and alive,

To be a shimmer in the sky.”

~ Varun Dani

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