As the festival of lights approached,

The celebration of good over evil,

The sky full of stars now the sky full of smog,

The celebration of evil burning bright.

The triumph of good over evil they said it was,

The battles for justice that were fought,

They thought they sent heroic men behind bars,

The villainous women thought no bails were bought,

All that remained was a lifetime of scars.

A statement on the internet was all that was needed,

The eruption of accusations after never stopped,

About the truth behind words was never thought,

Threats and bans were instantly called,

The freedom of speech long lost.

Religions were heavenly no more,

But heaven religious.

Traditions were logical no more,

But logic traditional.

Problems had solutions no more,

For solutions were problematic.

Oh people, my people,

Wake up to reality not illusions,

Open your minds and see and think,

For actions always have repercussions,

Oh nation, my nation.

I hope the day comes,

When heist is replaced with patience,

When abuse is replaced with respect,

When anger is replaced with compassion,

When traditions are logical,

When religions are heavenly,

When problems have solutions,

When all genders are equal,

When justice is just,

When choices are not forced,

And freedom is finally free.

Oh people, my people,

I will wait for that day to come,

For the festival of light to come,

For good to triumph over evil,

For the sky to be clear again,

And the stars shining brightly beside me.

Oh nation, my nation,

Set me free.

~ Varun Dani

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