To the Lost And Confused,

As the year comes to a close , we move on towards the next year, at least most of us. With hope and enthusiasm we’ll move forward through spring, summer , autumn and winter and we’ll be back here all over again. Along the way some leaves have been plucked away and some fell. The ones that were plucked had no chance, but the ones that fell did. I’m 18 and my journey has just begun but I’m puzzled by the actions of those who choose to end their journey before it even begins.

Is there no value attached to the gift of life anymore? Some say it takes a lot of courage to quit, to leave everything behind, something people like me will never understand. So I wonder what kind of catastrophes led to such wise decisions? Are you hungry? Climb a tree and eat a fruit. Are you poor? Work hard and become rich. Are you angry? Punch a cushion. Are you sad? Watch some comedy. Are you worried about not having a girlfriend or friends? Look back and you’ll see 2 people who’ve been there the moment you opened your eyes in the hospital to the first day you went to school to the first day you failed to the first day you fell. You’re covered in dirt and yet you’re clean to them. You’ve fallen down yet they’re to help you get on your feet again. You fell. You’re hurt . You’re saddened. But is that the end?

You fall so that you can learn to pick yourself up. So get up. Climb a tree. Work your ass off. Laugh your ass off. Fall down. And get up again. This is what your life is going to be. And if you don’t want to fall learn to get up and stand strong so that nothing can knock you down. Don’t listen to the voices inside your head , if you do , you’ll not be there to hear the screams outside later. It’s winter now , we all knew it was coming. But spring is coming. Summer is coming. And then autumn and winter again. It’s up to you to hang on.

There are going to be rainy noons , stormy days , freezing nights. But hang on because only after you toil and beat the cold on a scary night will you see the rays of sunshine. Hang on because the 2 people behind you will be there watching you every step of the way. Hang on because you matter, and be strong till others see that you do.


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