Children Of The Future

I remember the day I turned seven,
And was surrounded by gifts I thought had come from heaven,
Games and food with everyone I knew ,
Comfort and happiness I thought was for all children old and new.

Yet now has realisation dawned upon me ,
And the truth so long shadowed come to light,
That not all see Balloons flying away ,
But bloodied bricks falling down.

The children of today are suffering day by day,
They run for their lives rather than chasing butterflies,
No restaurants no hotel rooms for them,
Only broken houses and dusty streets.

They are fighting a war they are not part of ,
Fighting for each other,
Not with guns and bombs,
But with tears and smiles that they cannot differentiate.

Give them some sunshine,
Give them some rain,
Give them just one chance,
Let them grow up just once.

My childhood was a kingdom of dreams,
Of becoming this that and the other,
But all they need is just one chance,
To eat like they have stomaches,
To sleep feeling they are safe,
To run like they are free,
To sit carelessly under the shade of a tree,
To think like they have a future,
To feel that people care,
To live like there is hope,
To believe that they are humans,
To pretend that they are children.

~ Varun Dani

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