Rakes And Glasses

Stumbled upon his glasses,
On a warm sunny afternoon,
As he was sowing the seeds,
For the tree we were trying to grow.

Then he took me to his heaven,
As I spied big books in his study,
Science and History was his passion,
Parting it with others his dream.

He embraced the world with his words,
His battles were fought with his pen,
Calmness and clarity were in his nature,
Helping others have them was his mission.

And now his journey here has ended,
As he embarks on a new one soon.
Peace of mind was always with him
And now he can rest in comforting silence.

He took me to zoos and museums,
And for long walks to enjoy his beloved nature,
He was sown the seeds for the future,
And now it’s my time to grow.

I love you Abba. Goodbye

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