Road Untaken

All signs pointed to the city,

To the path of sky-high expectations and immeasurable stress,

In the quest to hold painful luxuries,

With bright lights illuminating lost miseries,

And shadows of forsaken dreams.


He started his journey,

With his bag of burden he did not want to carry,

On the chosen path unchosen by him.

He was a pawn picked to play his role,

A part of a movie he did not want to see.


As he took his first steps,

He gazed at another path,

No signs pointed to it but a single board,

A board with words of caution and warning,

For it was the road not taken by any.


His feet moved onto this road,

Where not one footstep could be seen.

A road which had no end it seemed,

But a beginning of uncertain possibilities,

Of hope and excitement unseen.


As he spied this wonderfully feared road,

With a broken heart now pounding,

His dreams were resurrected ,

Dreams of icy mountains and deep blue seas,

Of silent valleys and still streams.


He traveled the road untaken for long,

Through refreshing heat and sizzling chill,

Till he stood still under a glittering sky,

A sky full of stars he had never seen.


He did not become the broken lamp he was born to be,

But became a star shining brighter than that city,

On the road untaken for all to see.

~ Varun Dani

12 thoughts on “Road Untaken

  1. Reading this made me reconsider the role of purpose in determining what we do with our lives and restored my belief in the power of starting and the magic of actions. Thanks.


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